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Never have a mis-hire

We’re DAP Consulting Group, a global executive search firm specializing in Big Data & Analytics for private companies looking to gain a competitive edge.

We have a simple mission: Build world-class teams and ensure our clients never have a mis-hire.

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We’re the Big Data & Analytics Industry Experts

By specializing in mission-critical hires for private software companies in the Big Data & Analytics space we’re able to locate and present the most highly qualified candidates available anywhere.

We only perform original search work. This means our searches are custom tailored to each client’s individual needs. This benefits our clients in several ways.

Our clients never get “low hanging fruit” pulled from a file of resumes. Our search begins when our clients present their specific hiring criteria.

The quality control starts with us, saving our clients time, energy, resources, and money. No more pouring through ineligible candidates.

We employ a relentless approach to finding, attracting, and delivering only the most qualified executives to our clients.

Our culture is based on DESIRE, ATTITUDE, and PERSEVERANCE. The very same attributes we expect from the executives we recruit.

Dane Palarino
Founder & President

As founder and principal of DAP Consulting Group, Dane’s vision, when launching the company, was to change the status quo for the Executive Search industry. To date, Dane has placed over 100 executives and delivered north of $100 million in bottom line revenue for private software organizations, establishing himself as the go-to Executive Recruiter for mission-critical hires.

Having spent over 10 years in corporate America working for UBS and Paychex, two of the best in breed for talent, culture and performance, he saw that recruiters who called him had a flawed approach. They were indifferent, and they failed to capture his attention or take interest in his next level career goals. Given such, he saw an opportunity to change the paradigm, and opened the doors to DAP in 2010.

Working to hunt down the top 10% of talent, Dane’s tenacity and relentless pursuit to deliver excellent service to his clients and candidates, are the fundamental components on which DAP Consulting Group is comprised. Outside of the DAP trap, Dane can be found reading, working out, or enjoying his growing family (and not sleeping) – he’s a new father!

Marli Palarino
Director of Recruiting

Marli runs the business side for DAP Consulting Group, managing the day-to-day operations to ensure a seamless process for both clients and candidates. Prior to joining DAP, she spent the earlier part of her career as a marketing manager for the fashion & luxury industries, working for IMG Fashion and Mouawad Fine Jewelry. When she’s not at the DAP trap, she can be found mommy-ing or in the kitchen, forcing making her husband to try her new culinary creations!

We may be the most successful recruiter you’ve ever used.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say.

  • Dane and team are always thorough, professional, and come through when we need them the most.  In a day and age where there are seemingly countless recruiters that are trying to play a numbers game with candidates, Dane and team take the time and effort to make sure that each candidate is prepared and qualified for the opportunity.  Dane and team know how to identify and go get the right and experienced candidates with domain expertise, which is critical in the Big Data & Analytics space. Dane and his team are always the first call we make when we are growing and scaling our sales organization.

    – Matt M., VP Engineering

  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dane Palarino; he assisted me in landing a critical role with a private software company.  My last company was acquired, and when I took some time for my family, he consistently reached out to me to let me know what the market was doing.  I elected to have him represent me as a talent agent to several companies, and he made multiple high level introductions for me, giving me the ability to make a well-informed career decision.  It was with his assistance that I could review the market, without feeling pigeonholed to only one opportunity.  His attention to detail was critical in preparing me throughout the interview process, while always setting proper expectations along the way.  I was very impressed with his professionalism and integrity.  I have dealt with my share of recruiters, and Dane stood head above the rest.  It is with great pleasure that I recommend using him to advance your company or career.

    – Dylan B., Senior Vice President

  • I found DAP Consulting Group to be my greatest investment in over 10 years. The value provided throughout the hiring process was immeasurable, and he helped us land a hire we wouldn’t have been able to on our own.

    – Richard C., CEO

  • Great job on helping us land a VP of Sales in a challenging market like New York City. This VP placement has been critical in helping us expand our footprint throughout North America.

    – Bart D., Vice President Human Resources

  • My business relationship with Dane Palarino has been very rewarding on a number of levels. His integrity and character go without saying, and he is very detailed and specific with his approach. Beyond that, he makes his clients and associates feel as if he dedicates all his resources to each and every one of us. His reputation shows that he consistently achieves excellence for so many within the industry.

    – Michael B., Lead Business Analyst

  • Dane is far and above one of the best Recruiters I have worked with. His agency is thorough, thoughtful, and has an amazing ability to find candidates that are a perfect match for the position and my personality. I have seen candidates from many recruiters; however, I know that if they come from DAP Consulting I probably have my next hire.

    – Dan I., Regional Sales Manager

  • I was contacted by Dane, during a time in my career when I was not looking to make a move. His approach was professional, and intrigued me enough to continue having conversations with him. He shared a role with me that was next level professionally, into a smaller company with a step up in title, compensation and equity potential. He prepared me throughout the entire process and kept me abreast of exactly where I was in the process with his client, while setting appropriate expectations. I would recommend Dane and DAP to anyone looking for professional advancement…spend some time with Dane.

    – Kevin W., Principal Engineer

  • Dane came through for me on a critical hire in a unique city/geography. The dedication he showed to not only find the "right candidate" but the professionalism he used during the entire process was second to none. I enjoyed working with Dane on that must-hire, and I look forward to being able to work with him in the future.

    – Mike H., Regional Director of Sales

  • Dane is a phenomenal connector and an absolute pleasure to work with. He does a great job of understanding the current professional landscape, as well as the future career goals of his candidates. He is a true consultant, and tirelessly worked to make sure that he provided a good fit for all parties involved. I cannot speak highly enough of his work ethic, his candor, and his desire to see people succeed. If you get a chance to work with Dane, I would jump at it!

    – Drew B., Application Sales Manager

  • What I like most about working with Dane is his professionalism and attention to detail. I often find myself calling Dane for advice or just to say hello. Dane is a master of his craft and I would highly recommend him!

    – Joshua P., Senior Sales Executive

The constant quest to better ourselves is the surest pathway to success.

Development, both professional and personal is a continuous and on-going process, and we believe that if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Achieving an optimal, peaceful and successful state of mind requires balance in both your professional and personal life.

Check out some of our favorite books in the sections below.


1. The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

2. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

3. Influence by Robert B. Cialdini

4. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

5. The 5 Levels Of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

6. The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

7. EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey


1. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

2. Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

3. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

4. The Power Of Relentless by Wayne Allyn Root

5. Mastery by Robert Greene

6. Getting Things Done by David Allen

7. What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith


1. Topgrading by Bradford D. Smart, Ph. D.

2. Who by Geoff Smart

3. Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

4. Good To Great by Jim Collins

5. Hire With Your Head by Lou Adler

6. How To Talk To Anyone by Leil Lowndes

7. How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie


1. The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

2. Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson

3. When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead by Jerry Weintraub

4. Three Magic Words by Uell S. Andersen

5. Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

6. The Charge by Brendon Burchard

7. The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod

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